Truckload & LTL

Whether your needs are Truckload or Less-Than-Truckload(LTL) Quadra has the capabilities to handle the job. Over-the-road provides a more stable option for transcontinental movement. While more costly than rail or intermodal, the capability for “just-in-time” (JIT) control may well enhance cost structures when factory-to-plant deliveries are met on a scheduled routine, eliminating double handling and warehousing. The management and staff of Quadra Logistics Group Ltd. communicate daily with suppliers and fabricators on specific projects to provide our clients with an accurate picture on their progress.

Quadra Logistics assets extend to an enormous fleet of truck. Our fleet includes advanced temperature controlled units and dual compartment trucks operating at various temperatures. These vehicles are ideal for temperature sensitive goods and other delicate cargo. Specialized truck and trailer combinations designed to handle exceptionally ‘super sized’ cargo are at your disposal. Along with this we provide the high capacity lift cranes, shoring, matting, temporary bridging and complete on-site management. This means whether your cargo is slated for across town or to the far reaches of the globe, Quadra Logistics Group managed solutions are your best choice for a successful project.