Quadra has expertise in handling the logistical requirements for setting up mining operations. Quadra has experience with the transport of support materials and mining equipment to the site. The relationships fostered with the First Nations brings added value to any project Quadra Logistics is part of.

Quadra’s turnkey solutions include the transportation for any of the on-going support materials to ensure the mine stays operational and producing. They can handle the transport of the raw materials from site to their final destination. When the mine’s life has come to an end Quadra will be there to tear down and transport materials and equipment from the mine site. They will always be aware of the environment and help in the efforts to reclaim any land the mine was on.


Oil & Gas

Located in Calgary, Alberta, the heart of western Canada. Quadra is neighbors to many of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world and shares long standing relationships with many of them. Quadra has aided in the transportation/logistics, warehousing and various other needs of many of the projects in Northern Alberta. Quadra has vast experience in all logistical operations regarding up-stream and down-stream production.

This home grown experience give Quadra an excellent base of knowledge for any project in the Oil & Gas Industry whether located domestically in Canada or anywhere around the world. With Quadra and The Power of One any Oil & Gas operation can be handled cost effectively and efficiently.



Manufacturing is at the heart of any industry and no industry can operate unless they can get their plant setup in time or get their goods to their clients.

Quadra has vast experience setting up complete production facilities not to mention completing many facilities at one time. Quadra understands that time is of the essence with large project and deadlines must be met. Quadra with The Power of One will provide a complete turnkey solution from plant build to the final product placement and support our clients with comprehensive supply chain management.

If you have pieces that are large and over-sized Quadra is the company of choice. Quadra has built a reputation over many years of handling the toughest jobs in tight time frames and consistently delivering the results. Quadra has the equipment, attention to detail and creative thinking required to complete any project.


General Commodities

Over the history of Quadra Logistics we have been responsible for transporting countless types of commodities. Our experience and vast vendor network allows us to put together solutions to meet any transportation needs. With superior purchasing power with global freight forwarders, Quadra Logistics can provide an efficient and cost effective means to move your commodities from point A to B.