The health of our people and associates is always the most important factor in any project. We maintain strict safety standards to ensure we all get home to our families at the end of each day. Safety to our staff, drivers and your cargo is our #1 priority.

Security is part of the foundation of any successful company. Quadra has built a reputation on maintaining high standards of security for cargo, warehouse management and client data. Our systems monitor a clients cargo in real time and provide updates and progress reports. Quadra always ensures the necessary regulatory compliance for any services offered.

Quadra embraces the Go Green movement and supports sustainable environmental practices. Quadra understand we only have One World need to work diligently to preserve our most precious resource for future generations.


Health & Safety

Quadra Logistics Group ensures all vendors meet any specific requirements of our customers safety standards. Safety of our staff, drivers, and your cargo is a top priority. Quadra Logistics actively follows developments in the increasingly important areas of safety and security.  Quadra is compliant with WCB, PICS and ISNetworld to ensure the highest standards are maintained for our clients and employees.



Quadra Logistics staff work to aid in the Go Green movement for the sustainable future of our planet. Working together, our team recycles not only common office surplus, but also our everyday waste, donating 100% of the funds from recycled materials to a Calgary Minor Soccer Team.

We utilize today’s current technologies to extremely reduce paper consumption in our everyday office functions, whenever and wherever possible.

Looking to the future, our interests and support for alternative energy projects are in our focus knowing that our assistance can make a impact in the years to come.



Quadra Logistics makes every effort to remain compliant with any regulations or laws that are applicable in the world of 3rd Party Logistics. Quadra Logistics ensures that all vendors meet necessary certifications and requirements to achieve a level of consistency and foster quality relationships.

We keep up to date with new certifications and developments. We comply with measures such as FCPA, WCB, PICS and ISNetworld. This ensures our staff is always aware and up to date with compliance and ensures the highest standards for our customers



Whether the subject is warehouse management, information technology, or cargo security, Quadra Logistics Group is up to date on advanced systems and solutions.  No matter where in the world, you can be assured that you will encounter consistently high standards. Every step of the way, our global IT system monitors customer cargo and provides real time updates and progress reports.  Sophisticated information technology plays a key role in providing shippers and manufacturers with a smooth, end to end result.