About Quadra

Quadra is a multifaceted transportation group with a wide scope of equipment configurations including dry vans, temperature controlled vans, flat decks, B-trains, drop decks and specialized material handling trailers. Many regional, national and multinational corporations rely on the multi-faceted scope of our transportation group to serve their transportation needs, whether across Canada or Internationally.

What sets Quadra apart from our peers is our attention to detail. At Quadra, we work in cooperation with our clients to develop a transportation solution. Many clients have utilized Quadra not only to transport products, but to develop market share through cooperative dialogue. Our personnel possess both the individual desire and the experience to tackle a transportation problem whether it be the transportation of a 240 metric ton Carbomite Stripper from Turnitz, Austria to Carsland, Alberta, Canada or the logistics planning for the worldwide deployment of epoxy powder required for pipe coating.

The Quadra network is composed of highly trained professionals capable of working in more than 400 locations in 120 countries. We are a customer-driven company with innovative ideas, high performance standards, and a communications system that can provide daily updates to customers on the location of their freight. Our priority is to develop and maintain a mutually profitable relationship with customers, as Quadra’s success is wholly dependent on the success of our customers.